4 Great New Topics for the Blue Collar Comedy Tour

The Blue Collar Comedy Troupe was so successful because it was a group of guys talking about everyday life. They were down-to-earth folks that we all could relate to, and they could just as easily have been your next door neighbors. That’s the key to great comedy - being able to relate with your audience on their level. It’s also important for a good comedian to choose subject matter that hits home for their fans; that means selecting topics that the audience deals with on a daily basis. It’s now been a few years since the Blue Collar Comedy Troupe took the world by storm, so we thought it might be fun to take a look at what topics they might have chosen for their routine if the tour had started today. Here are 4 topics we believe would have made great source material for these comedians today.

Automated Travel Devices

The idea of traveling around in your leisure time on a vehicle that was powered by your own forward momentum would have seemed pretty fanciful in 2000, but it’s very much a reality today. The Segway has created a new class of leisure vehicle that kids and adults alike have had a lot of fun with. There are some pretty impressive power skateboards as well that would have turned a few heads back then.

I’m no comedian, so I can’t tell you what kind of routines the troupe would have built around these fun devices, but I can make some guesses. For example, there have been some well-publicized incidents of some famous celebrities trying to navigate around on Segways; this would probably be a good starting point. Beyond that, who knows?

Reality TV

At the turn of the century, reality TV was a relatively new concept, but these days it may be the most popular form of entertainment out there. Reality TV stars have become just as famous as the more conventional actors. We feel we can relate with these people because they’re promoted as being average Joes, just like us. What makes them great material for comedians like Jeff Foxworthy and company is that there really is nothing average about their lives at all. These reality TV stars are selected after a painstaking casting process that’s just as rigorous as any traditional TV series. This fake reality would provide more than enough fodder for a skit or two on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

Drones in the Sky

Drones weren’t blessing our skies at the beginning of the 21st century, but you find them everywhere you turn these days. They raise many ethical problems, such as concerns about privacy and control over the skies. Of course, there are also the military drones that raise a bunch of other possibilities. In fact, drones are a topic with endless possibilities when it comes to comedy material.

The Cubs Win!

In 2000, the idea of the Boston Red Sox breaking the curse of the Bambino, or the Chicago Cubs breaking their long drought since a championship, seemed pretty much impossible. The Red Sox hadn’t won the World Series for more than 80 years, and in the case of the Cubs it had been well over 90 years. What a difference a few years can make! The long-suffering fans of these two proud franchises have now experienced what it feels like to be on the top of their sport. There are few things in life that make for better comedic material than long-suffering sports fans and their road to redemption.