5 Reasons for the Success of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour

In the early 2000s, the Blue Collar Comedy Tour took the world by storm. It was something fresh and new, but it also made us feel close to four regular guys. These guys were just like us, dealing with the same sort of problems that we had to deal with, everyday stuff like “What’s for dinner tonight? Is the wife just going to heat up a leftover from yesterday?” It didn’t feel like they were talking down to us, and that’s what endeared them to us. They were pretty darn funny as well, which didn’t hurt. Here are 5 reasons we loved the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

1 Down to Earth

Watching stand-up comedy is a great way to forget about your problems for a couple of hours, and that’s probably the biggest attraction of all comedy routines. With the Blue Collar Tour it was more than just your standard release, though. These guys weren’t sophisticated Hollywood types. They were regular down-to-earth guys just trying to struggle through everyday problems like the rest of us. It didn’t matter these were characters that Jeff Foxworthy and friends had created, we knew they were tapped into our problems, and that was enough. They may have been playing characters on stage, but we had no doubt that they understood and lived the same struggles they were talking about.

2 These Guys Actually Had Bigger Problems than Ours

There’s no better way to forget about your problems than to listen to other people talking about their own problems. These blue collar guys didn’t just have problems like ours, their problems were probably bigger than ours! The more you listened to them, the less concerned you were about your own blue collar life. For that short time that you were watching one of their movies or watching them live on stage, the bills piling up on the kitchen table at home became an afterthought. It’s not that we enjoyed the fact that their problems were bigger than ours, it’s just that we appreciated the fact that they were willing to see the lighter side of them, and so perhaps we could too.

3 Healing Laughter

You might have heard someone say that laughter has healing qualities, and that really is true. Being able to see the world through the eyes of others allows us to understand ourselves just a little bit better. How many times have you listened to one of the skits from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and felt an instant connection while you laughed up a storm? That’s the healing quality of laughter at work, and there are few comedy acts in the last couple of decades that have had the ability to tap into this healing quality of laughter better than this particular one has.

4 They Looked Like Regular Guys

Part of a successful act is that the audience really believes what the role-players are saying. Anyone who’s watched the Blue Collar Comedy Tour could actually relate to the guys in the troupe. They not only talked about issues that we understood, but they looked the part as well. I think that was the key to the success of their act. They really did look the part of four regular guys. These were guys wearing blue jeans and cowboy hats, and Larry the Cable Guy even wore a ratty old baseball hat. They looked like our friends and neighbors, and they talked like them as well.

5 They Were Just Plain Good

What’s the main reason that the Blue Collar Comedy Tour was so successful? All of the points we’ve talked about already had a lot to do with it, but they weren’t the main reason. There was one true grounds for this comedy tour being so successful, they were just plain good. Anyone can tell a joke, but if your timing is off or the story line doesn’t sound believable, nobody will be interested in watching. These guys were like The Beatles of comedy. They had charisma and they worked together well. Their act was tight, and they looked like they belonged together on stage. In a nutshell, we enjoyed watching them because they were good comedians with something worth sharing.