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Blue Collar Laughter for the Soul

Real life can be hard, but it’s also full of funny moments. The guys in the Blue Collar Comedy Tour have made a living out of taking those funny moments in the lives of everyday people and turning them into skits that help us find the humor in everything. We happen to be big fans of this group of comedians, and that’s the reason we decided to create this site. Laughter is one of the best parts of life, and the ability to laugh and poke fun at ourselves is what makes us human.
No one can make us relate to a joke quite like Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Ron White, and, of course, Larry the Cable Guy. Their comedy is focused on the events of the daily lives of everyday people. They don’t talk about their Hollywood lives, they talk about the lives they experienced along the way as they tried to establish themselves as successful comedians. They’ve lived through the same type of experiences as everyday blue collar people have had, and they’re not afraid to share those experiences with the rest of the world. It’s this down-to-earth nature that so endeared them to us, and it’s the reason this site exists.

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