Blue Collar Origins, Where Did They Get Their Start?

I’m going to admit to a biased opinion. I truly believe the Blue Collar Comedy Tour is the best comedy troupe to hit the stage in the modern era. That probably won’t surprise too many visitors to this page, though, since of course this site is dedicated to the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. With that in mind, we thought it would be fun to take a closer look at how our four favorite comedians got their start in the business, there may just be a few surprises in store for you, so read on!

Jeff Foxworthy as a Computer Scientist?

Unlike a lot of us that are never quite sure what we want to be when we grow up, Jeff Foxworthy got the comedic bug at an early age. He loved listening to his favorite comedians and learning everything he could from their style, to come up with his own voice. He did try his luck working in computer technology for a while, but when he had more success with getting his coworkers to laugh than he did in creating computer programs that could change the world, he soon abandoned his pursuit of technology for laughter. It wasn’t long before he launched his successful redneck spiel, which would become one of the most successful comedy routines of all time.

Bill Engvall, the Recovering Dropout

Bill Engvall dropped out of Southwestern University in 1975, and the rest is history, well, not quite. He spent the next several years working various different jobs without finding his true calling. With his original plan of becoming a teacher having fallen by the wayside after he left school early, he took a while to find himself, just like most of the rest of us. In 1990, after 15 years of wandering the country, he decided to give full-time comedy a try. He did have some initial success, with stints on popular shows such as the Golden Girls, but it wasn’t till Jeff Foxworthy asked him to become part of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour that his career really took off.

Ron White, An Enigma

There’s no denying that Ron White is an interesting man. All comedians have a story to tell, that’s what makes them funny. But Ron White’s is an unlikely tale that took him on a tour of the world that included stops in Vietnam and Mexico. He served in the United States Navy during the Vietnam War, which only added to the colorful stories he had to tell about growing up in Texas. He even spent some time managing a pottery factory in Mexico before returning to the States. He’s been in the comedy game for a long time, but he was no overnight success. He spent more than two decades touring before he got his big break on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

Larry the Cable Guy

As you might have guessed, Larry the Cable Guy, or Dan Whitney as he was known to his family, had a down-to-earth start in life, living on a pig farm. He was always the funny guy among his friends though, and, after working for a while as a bellhop, he started out on the road to comedic stardom way back in 1970. He had some success through the 80s and early 90s but, like the rest of the guys in the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, that circuit was the launch pad for his success. These days Larry the Cable Guy is one of the most recognizable figures in comedy.