The Country’s Best Blue Collar Comedians Introduced

Stand up comedy has had a few popular movements over the years, but one of the most successful and enduring has to be the Blue Collar comedy movement. Inspired by the working classes, the Blue Collar Comedy troupe have been on countless tours, had their own movies and tv series and the individual members have gone on to amazing and glittering comedy careers. Why is blue collar comedy so popular? Well, probably the main reason is because its humor depends on gags and jokes which everyone can relate to such as the everyday struggles of life for us minimum wage employees and manual laborers.

Are you ready to find out more about the best blue collar comedians in the country? Here are a few of the most famous and popular.

Jeff Foxworthy

Jeff Foxworthy is the ultimate king of blue collar comedy and has earned the reputation of being the nicest man in the whole stand up industry. He created the iconic You Might Be A Redneck If… joke routine which formed the basis of the whole blue collar comedy movement. He also was the organizer of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and was responsible for launching a legend!

Foxworthy is history’s top-selling comedian with a huge body of work including eleven books, 6 albums and a number of popular TV shows such as Blue Collar TV, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader and The Jeff Foxworthy Show.

Larry The Cable Guy

Even people who don’t care about comedy have heard of Larry The Cable Guy who single handedly took blue collar comedy to its limits. Larry is still the unofficial face of all blue collar comedy, and has outpaced most of the other people in his genre with his epic success. Larry isn’t actually Larry at all. In fact, he’s really Dan Whitney, a radio personality and previously unsuccessful comedian who adopted the character of a trucker in his classic sleeveless shirt and trucker-style hat while wearing rigid denim-like biker jeans as if he was to ride a motorcycle. Although his character may be fake, his comedy is brilliant so it’s no wonder he’s one of the highest earners in stand up comedy today, having been on numerous successful comedy tours and having sold numerous albums, but failing in his ventures into the movie industry.

Ron White

Ron White was one of the original members of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour team, yet he is, of all of his comic friends, the least blue-collar of them all. Since his success with the blue collar troupe, he has moved on to sarcastic stand up acts, distancing himself from the popular blue collar movement. His act is frequently obscene and adult in nature, and this sets him apart from other blue collar comedians, but it is precisely this element of his act which has made him popular among an audience who aren’t big fans of working class shtick.

Bill Engvall

Foxworthy’s good friend Bill Engvall holds the distinction of being one of the most family friendly blue collar comedians. He bases most of his comedy on his family life and never tells obscene jokes. It’s precisely this family-centric approach to comedy which led to him being offered his own TBS sitcom in 2007 – The Bill Engvall Show. He has now been in the stand up industry for more than twenty years and has released 8 albums to date, proving his success isn’t over yet.

Reno Collier

Collier stands out from the other comedians on this list because he is from a whole different generation. In fact, he is from the second blue collar wave of comedy – Blue Collar Comedy: The Next Generation. Reno Collier actually got his break when he was Larry The Cable Guy’s opening act, but he rapidly found success in his own right, becoming a frequent choice as opener for such acts as Ron White and Foxworthy. Although he excels at comedy, he’s also most recognizable to audiences as The Great American Road Trip’s host.

Blue Collar Comedy – A Genre That’s Here To Stay

As you can see, there are some legends of blue collar comedy out there, and with a new generation now on the circuit, it’s clear that the genre is well and truly here to stay. Perhaps because it appeals to everyday people like you and me, blue collar comedy is definitely in it for the long haul.