Four Famous Bicycle Movie Scenes

The great thing about the comedians on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour was that they turned mundane everyday activities into some of the funniest material on the planet. I particularly recall one skit in which Larry the Cable Guy is talking about a relative attending a carnival just walking around, but his take on the situation is priceless. That’s the secret to good comedy – turning every day activities into funny scenes that we can all relate to and empathise with. The comedians that are the best at it are the ones that endure in our hearts.

One activity like this that most of us take for granted that has been at the heart of some of the funniest scenes in comedy is riding a bicycle. There’s something about another human being losing their balance on a bike that seems to make us laugh hysterically. Here are 4 famous scenes from movies that made a bicycle the center of attention.

Charlie Chaplin

It didn’t take long for bicycles to make their way onto the silver screen. In fact, they’ve pretty much been around since the dawn of cinema. Of course we’re not suggesting you could go for a ride on a bike on batteries in the early days of film, but there were definitely bike scenes. In a clip from an early Charlie Chaplin film there’s a funny scene with him trying to figure out how to ride a Penny Farthing bike which was a bike with a huge front wheel. Needless to say he doesn’t have a lot of success. Although the movie was silent, it did a great job capturing a simple activity and turning it into a funny scene.

Pewee Herman

Pewee Herman was a controversial figure. There was a time though during the 80’s when he was a popular figure with the kids and it was at that time that he released his movie Peewee’s Big Adventure. Essentially the whole movie revolved around his efforts to recover his stolen red Schwinn bicycle. As he crisscrossed the US trying to hunt it down he got himself in a lot of funny dilemma’s. It was no comedic masterpiece, but it was a decent effort for the kids. Unfortunately for Peewee the popularity didn’t last as he got himself in trouble with the law.

Jackie Chan Project A

Jackie Chan has a loyal following of fans all around the world. For those that aren’t familiar with his work essentially he combines martial arts and slap stick humor to keep his fans entertaining. It’s not for all tastes, but I definitely count myself among his supporters. In the movie Project A he included a great chase scene where he’s riding through some narrow streets on a bicycle trying to fight off his pursuers. It’s actually funnier than it sounds and the coordination it must take to pull of some of the acrobatic movies he performs all while riding a bicycle is pretty impressive.

Wedding Crashers

There are no real bicycle scenes in the movie wedding crashers, but it still contains one of the funniest scenes in a movie involving a bicycle ever recorded. This movie follows two friends around that have adopted wedding crashing as their favorite past time. In one scene the character Jeremey is making balloon animals for the kids and one of them requests a bicycle and he happily obliges. It’s quite a funny scene and the enormous balloon bicycle he creates tops it off nicely. It seems actors don’t always have to be riding a bicycle to be involved in funny scenes with one.