Our Review – Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector

If you’re a fan of the Blue Collar Comedy troupe, you’re almost certainly going to be a big fan of Larry the Cable Guy . Any true fan of Larry will also have seen his movies – most notably, Pixar’s “Cars” in which he voiced redneck truck Mater.

While Mater has a soft spot in the hearts of many, especially children, some of Larry’s other roles haven’t received such rave reviews. Once such movie was his 2006 comedy Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector . Although the movie grossed an impressive $15,655,665 gross at the US box office – a huge profit over the mere $4 million that it cost to make – it only scores 5% on movie review site Rotten Tomatoes. So, where did Larry go wrong with this crude and rude comedy? Or, did he even go wrong at all? Despite the low ratings, fans of the Canadian comedian believe that his performance in this movie had them laughing in the aisles.

What’s It All About?

As you might have guessed, Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector is all about a laid-back health inspector whose everyday routine ends up being shaken when he is given the job of training up his brand new partner who turns out to be a stickler for the rule book. The first job that they have to tackle together involves investigating a mystery illness which has broken out at a super-posh restaurant in the city. As you can imagine, everything doesn’t go according to plan, and Larry (yes, the health inspector is named after the comedian himself) soon gets fired from his post. However, he ends up going undercover, rather predictably cracking the case while bringing the conspirators who came up with the poisoning idea to justice.

Larry’s Classic Approach To Comedy

There’s plenty of potential for comedy in this idea, and especially so when we take into account the fact that it’s Larry the Cable Guy at the helm. The idea of a salt of the earth, working class, noble hero overcoming the odds and winning through in the end is a tried and tested one, and when that’s paired with Larry’s iconic sense of humor and approach to comedy, it should be a winning formula. So, why has Health Inspector achieved such poor reviews?

Health Inspector has been called a “hicksploitation romp” and, indeed, there are elements of that in this comedy. Larry’s outrageous sense of humor and way that he approaches his work is key to the humor of the movie. His irreverent style of operating annoys his classically angry boss, and of course, the traditional comic trick of adding in the mismatched, by the book, rookie partner should only make the whole thing funnier. Larry’s one liners regularly hit the spot, while there’s plenty of toilet humor that keeps Larry fans laughing. However, all too often, the opinion of critics has been that Larry is too “white trash” to be mainstream funny.

The Romance Element

There’s an interesting extra element to this movie. The romantic element adds something additional to the plot as he wins the heart of a waitress, despite his unprepossessing appearance. While this romance isn’t so passionate you’d believe it was true, it is slightly reminiscent of Japanese anime series Ore Monogatari! In this light-hearted show, an unlikely hero – Takeo – manages to win over a beautiful girl, despite the fact that he isn’t classic leading man material. How much does this remind you of Larry in this movie? The love story part of this movie is something which has again split the critics, with some saying that it was totally unnecessary while others think it adds something to Larry’s performance and versatility.

A Divisive Performance

In the end, any movie starring Larry the Cable Guy outside his original Blue Collar Comedy Troupe incarnation is likely to court controversy. This is because of the kind of character Larry is. He is a very divisive figure, with some viewers cashing into his working class comedic vibe and others thinking he personifies everything that’s bad about redneck culture. However, whichever way you look at it, whether you love Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector or hate it, it’s certainly worth a watch to see this comedy legend in action.